If you want to move contacts into your iOS device itself (in the Contacts app), then you must have at least 1 contact in there for Contact Mover to work. Basically, if the local Contacts app is empty, then there is no database, and only the Apple Contacts app can create one. Without that database, Contact Mover has nowhere to put your contacts.

This article explains how to add a fake contact in your Contacts app, which will build a database on your device, then our app can do its job.

1. Disable contact sync

iOS does not let you choose which account a new contact goes into while you’re adding that new contact. So, you must first unsync all external contacts with the device. This will remove those contacts from your device, but we will resync them after to get them back.

Disable contact syncing

2. Create fake contact

You can create a fake contact in the Contacts app, which will create an address book database on your phone.

Create a fake contact

3. Enable contact sync

Now that your device has a local address book database, you can resync those contacts back.

Enable contact syncing

You’re done!

Depending on the number of contacts, it may take your device a few minutes to sync them all back. Confirm all of your contacts are in the Contacts app, then launch the Contact Mover app again.

Still having trouble?

As IT professionals, we have done our best to test Contact Mover with various versions of iOS, Exchange servers, and account configurations. We want this app to be a foolproof solution for moving contacts, and we need your feedback if you found a way to break it.

Please email support@immense.net if you have any issues.

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