Error Saving Contacts

Are you running Contact Mover 2.2.0? Do you receive the error message pictured above when copying contacts on iOS 9? If so, we advise you to upgrade to Contact Mover 2.2.1.

In this article, we describe the technical aspects of the above error and our corrective action.

With the release of iOS 9, Contact Mover needed to be updated to use the new Contacts API. The app upgrade process involved a few days of reading the API documentation and updating the code to use the new API. We wanted to copy as much as contact information as possible while supporting versions of iOS 9. However, we found a few quirks in our initial QA run involving the social profile and instant messaging fields.

Initially, we found that social profiles could be copied as long as the profile contained a label. Without a label, the Contacts API simply returned a generic error message stating the social profile field could not be copied. This would result in the same error message pictured above due to the lack of an error message from the API. We thought this could be fixed by simply filtering out social profiles without a label. This seemed to work in our subsequent QA runs, so, we shipped it.

After releasing Contact Mover 2.2.0, some customers stated the app copied their contacts without any issues. However, some customers contacted us with the error message pictured above. We investigated the error and had some trouble reproducing it. Then, we started using the “Me” contact to troubleshoot the issue. We filled out all of the fields on the “Me” contact and tried using Contact Mover. Contact Mover displayed the error message and we found a way to reproduce the issue.

We started debugging the error message by running Contact Mover with the debugger attached. The code already contained an NSLog statement to print the error to console, so, we just needed to reproduce the error. We found the culprit of the error message, social profiles. We attempted to copy a social profile and were greeted with an error message. We used different combinations of social profiles and received the same error message. How can we resolve this problem?

We decided social profiles could not be copied. We believe certain types of address books do not support social profiles. We removed the code that copied social profiles and rigorously tested the change. We fixed the problem and released Contact Mover 2.2.1.

Still having trouble?

As IT professionals, we have done our best to test Contact Mover with various versions of iOS, Exchange servers, and account configurations. We want this app to be a foolproof solution for moving contacts, and we need your feedback if you found a way to break it.

Please email if you have any issues.

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