Facts about the app

1 Contacts are copied, not moved

Contacts are copied from source to destination, leaving all contacts intact on the source account. This app cannot and will not delete your contacts.

2 May cause duplicate contacts

The destination receives a new record for each contact that is copied into it. This may lead to duplicates, but it is the safest way. This app will never be responsible for removing or overwriting contacts on any account.

3 All or none; no choosing contacts

For simplicity’s sake, this app does one thing well; it copies all contacts from the selected source to the selected destination. There are no plans to introduce contact choosing (there are other apps for that).

4 Supported devices and accounts

This is an iOS app that will run on iPhone and iPad with iOS 7, 8, and 9.

It will work with just about any account that can sync contacts with these Apple devices, including Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo!, iCloud, and the local device’s Contacts app itself.

5 Some situations require extra steps

The app will work in just a few clicks for most scenarios.

The most common issue occurs when moving contacts to your local device. If your device does not have at least 1 contact on it, then you need to do a few things.

Who is it for?

IT Professionals

Contact Mover helps technical support teams move their clients’ contacts in a snap.

It was specifically designed so you can make the recommendation to your client and know they will be able to move their own contacts.

Corporate Employees

Contact Mover helps corporate employees transfer contacts from your employer’s network into your own account.

Whether you were just hired or just fired, take all your contacts with you.

Everybody, really

Because we designed Contact Mover for corporate users, anyone can benefit from its simplicity.

No other iPhone or iPad app can move your contacts this quickly and easily.

About us

Immense Networks is a small IT Consulting & Development firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our primary goal is to help other businesses succeed.

We want this app to be a foolproof solution for moving contacts quickly, and we want individuals and other IT professionals to rely on its ability.

We do our best to test Contact Mover with various versions of iOS, Exchange servers, and account configurations, but the combinations are endless. Please check the help guides or report any issues to support@contactmover.net so we can make it better.

Darren KattanDarren KattanProject Manager

Having trouble with the app?
Check the help guides or email support@contactmover.net